Standard CEI UNI EN 16325 (CEI 315-9) “Guarantees of origin related to energy – Guarantees of origin for electricity” specifies the requirements for the guarantees of origin of electricity from all electrical sources and establishes the terminology and definitions, the requirements for registration, using, transfer and cancellation in line with the contents of directive 2009/28/EC (Renewable energy sources – RED), 2012/27/EC (Energy efficiency – EED) and 2009/72/EC (Internal market in electricity – IEM). The standard also defines measurement methods and auditing procedures. With suitable adjustments, the contents of the standard can be applied, for example, to heating, cooling or gas (including biogas).

Standard CEI UNI EN 16247-5 (CEI 315-13) “Energy audits – Part 5: Competence of energy auditors” defines the competence required by an energy auditor and can be used to define the national qualification programmes of the role of energy auditor; it can also be used by organisations to appoint a competent energy auditor or, by applying it in conjunction with the other parts of the EN 16247 series, to ensure a high-quality energy auditing process. This standard also establishes that all the competences required can be held by a single energy auditor or by a group of energy auditors.

Standard CEI UNI EN ISO/IEC 13273-1 (CEI 315-14) “Energy efficiency and renewable energy sources – Common international terminology – Part 1: Energy efficiency” aims to support activities related to energy and energy efficiency. The terms indicated were selected in accordance with their importance and transverse applicability. This standard focuses on the fundamental principles and terminology concepts for energy efficiency and energy management, which are of interest to numerous Technical Committees in the drive to improve the consistency of energy terms.

Standard CEI UNI EN ISO/IEC 13273-2 (CEI 315-15) “Energy efficiency and renewable energy sources – Part 2: Renewable energy sources”. The standard deals with concepts belonging to the general energy field and, within that field, cross-sector concepts in the field of renewable energy sources.

The CEI standards of CT 315 are available from all CEI points of sale and the CEI Webstore for online purchases, both in hard copy and electronic format. The standards are published in English, except for CEI UNI EN 16247-5 (CEI 315-13), which has a bilingual (English-Italian) text.