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If you’re thinking of building your new home, a new commercial unit or an industrial facility, the holiday home of your dreams, Veneto Sistemi can design all this and more, working with you and for you.

The architects at VS are at your disposal to bring your project to life, interpreting your ideas and preferences, thanks to innovative construction techniques that allow free rein for creativity, structures that can be seamlessly integrated with a vast range of materials and technologies, with extremely customisable interiors and exteriors. The results will surprise you, not just from an aesthetic standpoint, but also in terms of energy efficiency, with running and maintenance costs greatly reduced compared to homes built using traditional techniques.

The technical and technological solutions employed are flexible and versatile from the architectural standpoint, and the construction systems guarantee very fast and highly economical execution times.
The result is the creation of structures that are suitable for a wide range of different activities, in compliance with elevated seismic activity and fire safety standards, and complete with electrical and mechanical systems.

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